Formative proposal

Concept Profession Pastry Chef

This course is dedicated for all professionals pastry chef who want to get more involved to deepen their knowledge and cultivate or upgrading their qualities of "artisans of delightful sweets".

Concept Scientific Pastry

“For those who like to delight the journey and not just simply rush to the finish line...”

Here is the route of the ingredients in pastries: their properties, the technique to process them, simple notions of chemistry and physics to better understand the changes that are obtained handling them. The added value of a certain type of raw material contributes to the final product, alsow things to do or not to do, various tips.
The Concept Scientific Pastry is a course for professionals chefs, characterized on the bases of usual pastry style and to the technical knowledge of the raw materials used in the production by pastries artisans with the purpose of building a wonderfull balanced recipe and customized, thereby becoming "the composers of their own creations" and not just simply performers.